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Pet dental care in Mandurah
New Puppy or Kitten

New Puppy or Kitten

You’re excited about getting a new pet and you want to give it the best care you can. That’s where we come in. Puppies and kittens should have a basic health check-up, and pet parents have a thousand and one questions about how best to care for them. We have the answers, and we’re happy to share all the latest pet care and training information.

pet vaccination


Don’t let your pet contract a preventable disease. All it takes is keeping those vaccinations up to date, and we’ll tell you which ones are necessary and how often they should be updated. Your vaccination program is an important part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle. Contact us to find out what needs to be done to protect your pet.

Microchipping of animals


Sometimes, pets do silly things, and getting lost is among the worst of these. Both pet and owner are eager to be reunited, but the pet doesn’t know how to get home, and the owner doesn’t know where to start looking. A microchip means that your pet can be returned to you if he or she is found instead of ending up in an animal shelter. One tiny chip can make a huge difference.

pets dietary advice

Dietary advice

Health begins with a healthy diet, and the same is true for our pets. Even their age makes a difference to their nutritional needs. Maintaining the perfect balance of nutrients and the ideal weight is easy when you have expert advice on how to feed your pet, when and how to change its diet, and what foods will be best at any given time. Talk to us for the best advice on pet nutrition.

animal dentistry

Animal Dentistry

Our dental health is much more closely related to our overall health than most people realize, and the same is true of our pets. Ensuring that they have healthy teeth and gums is part of our responsibility as pet owners, and our veterinarians will know how to help you do it. Regular check-ups, advice on how to train a pet to allow tooth-brushing, and taking care of their dental problems form part of our service to you and your pet.

pet surgery


Most pet owners recognize the benefits of routine surgeries such as spaying and neutering their pets. At the same time, they worry about what their animal must be going through. At our surgery, limiting stress for our patients is an important factor. In fact, you may well be more worried than your pet is! We’ll use the best, most advanced techniques, and as soon as your pet is ready to be collected, we’ll talk you through any special care you need to provide during the few weeks it takes for them to recover.

animal radiology


When taking care of your pet’s health issues, we want to be able to make the best diagnosis as quickly as we can. That allows us to provide the right treatment, bringing rapid relief. With this in mind, we’ve ensured that we have the best veterinary radiological equipment in our surgery.

pathology for pets and animals

Full pathology services

In order to diagnose and monitor certain pet health problems, pathology services are a must. We won’t make you wait for vital information related to your pet’s health. Our in house pathology ensures that we get rapid results, allowing us to take action fast. Your pet’s health needs are our priority, just as they are yours.

pet health check

Health Check-ups

Routine check-ups are part of your pet’s healthcare program. From the time they are newly adopted through to old age, their health should be monitored periodically. This is an opportunity to get the best care advice suitable to each life stage, helping your pet stay healthy and happy.

Puppy School

A pup is full of the joys of life, so needs basic obedience training. It’s not just a matter of ensuring you won’t have a pup with behavioural problems that makes him hard to live with; you also want to keep him safe. Basic obedience and socialization training does that. And it’s fun for both you and your pup. Learn how to house train your dog, what exercise he needs and when and how to draw the line when he misbehaves. Training is the first step towards a good pet-owner relationship. Speak to our vets about our puppy courses.

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